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  • Shankar 6 is the best quality cotton available only in Saurashtra Region of India. We purchase and process this category of cotton.
  • The procurement is done by our skilled cotton selectors from the farms and market.
  • We have latest fully automatic processing infrastructure to give highly uniform and Low trash Cotton fibres.
  • Our unit is a TMC (Textile Mission For Cotton) approved and under their consistent improvement program.
  • We strictly follow Quality Management System prescribed under the norms of ISO 9001
  • Lot-wise laboratory testing is done at ATIRA laboratory, which has International standards.
  • We also encourage buyer’s representative to inspect Quality before shipments.
  • We give total attention and focus on removal of contamination. PP fibres, hair, plastic waste, bird feather, jute thread etc which create havoc while spinning.

 Our Eight Steps to prevent contamination:

1. Encourage farmers to bring cotton packed in Cotton Cloth and not in White PP Bags.
2. We provide Hair mask and Nose masks to our labors at our factory.
3. Our heaps are laid on complete RCC Flooring under covered sheds .
4. Engage extra labours to remove any visual contaminants from seed cotton.
5. Maintain proper setting of machine to avoid cut seeds, fibre breakage.
6. Magnetic detectors are installed to avoid small metal objects and wires.
7. Use of Coloured PET plastic straps and cotton cloths as per BIS standard to cover fully pressed cotton bales.
8. Our Cotton Travels overseas safely because it is factory stuffed. Carriers are ensured dirt free before loading.

 Packaging and loading:
  • Our Latest Pressing house maintains uniform bale weight of 165 kg and standard size (24”x18”x48”) to accommodate more than 160 bales in one 40Feet HQ FCL and hence cost effective.
  • Proper adhesive labels inserted inside the strapes to ensure identity till the destination storage.
  • Loading is Done through machines for proper Piling of Bales.
  • Our CEO, production supervisors and Quality control personnel are trained for improvements, introduction to latest technologies, redefined rules and international standards of cotton production and maintenance of quality at ATIRA (Ahmedabad Textile Industry's Research Association), the state of the art quality enhancement Research Institute.
  • All the 15 ginners in our group maintain the above quality system and standards of operation.

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